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The history of Mupo suspension starts from the Apennines between Bologna and Modena, in the early nineties.
It was started by a young Gian Luca Maselli, who in those years established himself as a tester and developer of motorcycle suspension and as a track technician for important motorcycle teams./ Span>
In 2003 Maselli enters into a partnership with Sandro Cassanelli, starting a partnership that continues today and that, over the years, makes the company grow, leading MUPO to be one of the brands of excellence in the Italian racing scene.

The MUPO suspensions enjoy continuous research and development, carried out with passion and competence on the slopes, serving riders who excel in various specialties.

Born for win in the heart of the Motor Valley
A precious know-how that is transmitted from the boxes to the whole product range that is carefully manufactured and tested, piece by piece, in order to guarantee high performance and safety. In 2010, MUPO Srl became part of the Roberto Nuti Spa group, an international leader in the production of shock absorbers for industrial vehicles, and moved to the new and modern headquarters of Castel Guelfo di Bologna. Here, the experience and the ability to innovate, which distinguish the men of MUPO, make use of high-tech equipment and an efficient management and commercial structure, to obtain ever greater product quality and total customer satisfaction.

Excellence and quality
In October 2011 the latest success of Mupo, this time a success on reliability and quality of its products:

the ABE certification of the German transport ministry KBA obtained after successfully passing road endurance tests performed by TUV SUD Automotive GmbH
of Munich. The Mupo Guarantee for shock absorbers can be extended up to 6 years.