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Navigator supports

Motorcycle Navigator support: why buy it?

If you use the motorcycle as a means of transport to organize your holidays, you will certainly need to use a navigator, as well as finding an adequate case that protects it and fixes it perfectly to the handlebars. The motorcycle navigator support is a very useful accessory to secure your device and have it at hand in cases where it is allowed to use it.

An object of this type can be used for different uses: from a quick answer to a phone call, to the viewing of important information, from a photograph, to a video recording. It is a fundamental accessory especially when it is also used as a GPS navigator, allowing you to have the device under control without risking losing it.

Where to mount the motorcycle navigator support?

Mirror, handlebar or tank? The general rule is based on the principle of the least possible distractions while driving, so you will have to evaluate a point that does not obstruct your driving view, does not force you to lower your head and does not hit the tank when cornering.

Motorcycle Navigator support: how to choose the right one?

The choices are numerous, which is why it may not always be easy to identify the model that best suits your needs. The first aspect that you will have to take into consideration is the size, when evaluating the purchase of a motorcycle navigator support suitable for your device. You will need to carefully check the maximum supported screen sizes, especially if the device to be used is a smartphone.

You can evaluate waterproof models, or focus on others with additional coverage to be applied in case of rain. Among the different fixing systems there are supports that lock to the handlebar with screws and ring nuts and that offer a possibility of 360 degree rotation. Other models are hooked up with tear-off straps ensuring greater ease of assembly and disassembly and excellent stability.