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ECU Tuning

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ECU Tuning

What is an ECU ECU Mapping?

The specific ECU mapping is not a simple "up-map", but a real remapping of the original ECU of your bike with a specific map developed and optimized at the bench for each model of bike, exhaust configuration, filter or other modifications!

The best trainers constantly develop and optimize the maps at the counter, guaranteeing the maximum performance for your bike and the absolute safety of full compatibility with your configuration!

The specific SixRace map is safe, because it can be removed, overwritten or modified without any limit.

Our maps are performing because they modify all the parameters of the original control unit intervening on the internal mapping unlike the additional modules that work by altering the parameters of the sensors.

The maps developed on the bench are tailor-made for each motorcycle model and configuration, guaranteeing incredible improvements in delivery, linearity and power even on completely original bikes!

The ECU maps are also developed to remove the delivery limits set by the Euro 4 homologations for all the bikes in the original configurationand, for tourism, naked, road, etc.

Increase power in lower gears, increase torque and guarantee a clean and linear delivery even at low speeds!

* NB some additional services (Exclusion of lambda probes Exhaust valve exclusion Carburation adjustment Advance adjustment Modification of the engine speed limiter Modification of torque limiter Modification of speed limiter Exclusion of immobilizer * Addition of integrated blipper UP / DOWN * Release of cruise control * Exclusion of stand \ t and alarms) have additional costs.

How does it work?

  • Buy the mapping service, directly from the online store

  • We take care of identifying an affiliated workshop in your area (usually within 50 km) or of organizing a home collection of the control unit

  • We will schedule an appointment to remap your ECU or send you the ECU back to your home address

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