Neck warmer

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Neck warmer

Original BUFF® is synonymous with multi-functionality and versatility since, in 1992, it invented and patented the seamless multi-function band that protects against wind, cold, sun and dust, and that has become, with the passage of time and with the continuous and innovative proposal of a constantly evolving product, a true lifestyle, an expression of the individuality and taste of those who love sports and life in the open air. The evolution of the product is aimed at proposing continuous innovations in the field of materials, technical solutions, comfort and practicality but also to identify new styles and trends, in compliance with the highest technical and quality standards.

BUFF® never stops, renews itself, and transforms the concept of headwear by completing the range of winter and summer hat collections, combined with multi-functional bands, declined in all possible variants, according to the Mix & Match concept.

BUFF® not only wants to be practical and functional, but also wants to pursue and find new trends thanks to unconventional and original projects that respect work and the environment. BUFF® is a member of the EOCA - European Outdoor Conservation Association since 2010 and has been named Champion Eoca for two consecutive years.

95% of BUFF® products are manufactured by Original Buff® in Spain and the distribution reaches 70 countries in the world; the entire range is designed in innovative materials and made with the mostAdvanced packaging techniques to obtain the best protection from atmospheric agents, facilitate sweat absorption and body transpiration during physical activity, in total freedom and comfort. There are BUFF® dedicated to winter sports, daily activities, motorbike and bicycle use, running, gym, climbing and every outdoor activity.

The State Schoolto AITEX certifies and guarantees the absence of substances harmful to the skin in all the materials used which are also subjected to Polygiene® antibacterial and anti-odor treatment.

After 25 years, the spirit of innovation and curiosity that had inspired the birth of BUFF® remain unchanged, but today a new era has begun, that of planning in collaboration with experts and professional athletes, which gave rise to a new family of product and a totally new accessory: the PACK RUN CAP.