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HT-FIC-D01 Fuel Injection Cleaner Tool DUCATI Monster 797 800 2017-2020
  • HT-FIC-D01 Fuel Injection Cleaner Tool DUCATI Monster 797 800 2017-2020

HT-FIC FI-D01 Cleaner Fuel Injection Cleaner Tool DUCATI Monster 797 800 2017-2020

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HT-FIC-D01 (ID 124666)
HEALTECH HT-FIC-D01 DUCATI Monster 797 8002017 2018 2019 2020

FI Cleaner (B)

Fuel Injection Cleaner Tool - FIC-D01
- to remove the injection error signals in the control unit
> Fuel Injection Cleaner Tool
FI Cleaner Tool

cleans the error codes from the FI ECU
Delete FI error codes in fast and economical way to Euro 4 class motorcycles: just plug in and do the job effortlessly!

Quick as a flash
FIC Just insert the tool in the diagnostic connector of the bike, turn the ignition key to ON and see the result on the two-color status LED.

Cut costs
It is much faster and more practical to use the FIC tool to eliminate errors than using a tool OBD. Shorter intervention and lower cost for the workshop.

Advanced Technology
Being specific make and model of motorcycle, each FIC is compatible with many types of motion within the same brand.

The FI Cleaner tool is compatible with a wide range of current Euro 4 class motorcycles (from 2017, depending on the brand / model). The engine management system monitors the various sensors of the motorcycle. Whenever a fault occurs in the system, the FI light comes on and stays on even if the fault condition no longer exists, eg. a loose connector was reconnected. It takes several complete cycles and plenty of time to clear the error without an OBD tool. This is the case where the FIC tool is very useful for the workshop - it saves a lot of time every time you work on a motorcycle.
Note: The FIC tool will not erase the FI light if the fault is still active. However, it will fix it in a few seconds if the problem is resolved. The FIC tool will not erase the fault history (stored errors) by the ECU, then it will still be possible to solve recurrent problems later.


Data sheet

Motorcycle brand
Motorcycle Model
Monster 797
Motorcycle Year
2017, 2019, 2018, 2020
Cilindrata Moto
Fascia Sconto