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HT-IQSE-1 iQSE - Centralina DUCATI ST3 ABS 950 2005-2007
  • HT-IQSE-1 iQSE - Centralina DUCATI ST3 ABS 950 2005-2007

HT-IQSE-1 Electronic gear IQSE - ECU Ducati ST3 ABS 950 2005-2007

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HT-IQSE-1 (ID 122012)
HEALTECH HT-IQSE-1 DUCATI ST3 ABS 9502005 2006 2007

Shifter (B)

IQSE - unit - IQSE-1 - TCI ignition - do not use on
CDI ignitions - combined with specific cable for the target motion (sold separately) - including sensor - if it were not specified cabling, contact our support
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Quickshifter easy With A next-generation electronic gear module
Easy to install. Easy to adjust. Easy to buy. The perfect choice for anyone looking to improve his lap time on the quarter mile or just to have more fun in driving.

Key Features
fantastic Technology
allows to change the settings at any time using your Smartphone, no cables, no problems.
Easy installation
With a pressure sensor of unique design and dedicated wiring for each bike, the installation could not be more simple.
The best choice
Full of unbeatable features at an unbeatable price. The best value for money.

Size and Weight
Dimensions: 50 x 30 x 17 mm (1.9 "x 1.2" x 0.6 ")
Weight: 43g (oz 1:51)
Applications Check
applications through product research or in

The basic idea behind the concept of electronic exchange is simple: fast shifting without clutch at full throttle. The device disconnects the ignition, removing the load and allowing exchange of upshift without closing the throttle command. When the ignition is reactivated, the gear is already engaged. Without problems, without hesitation, without wasting time. E 'can you gain only a couple of milliseconds to every change, but every small gain is summed up at the end of each lap, and can give amazing results. And now that technology that was once reserved for the world of professional competitions is available to all at an affordable cost and with great reliability

Because our QES shifter is so special?
Why is the ultimate in simplicity.
It 'was designed because the installation and adjustment were available to everyone, but it contains all the features and performance of a professional product.
gets along with everyone!
A single sensor allows the activation of the electronic exchange on all vehicles, which have a shift operation in traction or pressure, conventional or inverted. specific or universal cabling are available for installation on the various types of motorcycles. It also does not interfere with the operation of other accessories. Il Piccolo and powerful
The sensor and the module IQSE kits have small dimensions, and can therefore be easily installed on the vehicle.
shifter IQSE is the only one on the market to use Bluetooth and an app for Android technology to control and diagnosis. It can also be turned off with a couple of touches for driving in an urban environment.
are in good hands
There are no moving parts in the sensor, very robust design. The components are to prevent strokes and weather conditions and is guaranteed for 2 years. The software is free and automatically updated throughout the life of the product.
Full control and settings with your Android device or Windows PC!
download free apps from Google play store!
The list
applications is constantly changing - check for updates


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Motorcycle brand
Motorcycle Model
Motorcycle Year
2005, 2007, 2006
Cilindrata Moto
Fascia Sconto