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HT-BLP-U01 Modulatore Luce Stop TRIUMPH Tiger 1200 XCX 1200 2018-2020
  • HT-BLP-U01 Modulatore Luce Stop TRIUMPH Tiger 1200 XCX 1200 2018-2020

HT-BLP-U01 Brake Light Stop Light Modulator Pro Triumph Tiger 1200 1200 2018-2020 XCX


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HT-BLP-U01 (ID 121509)
HEALTECH HT-BLP-U01 TRIUMPH Tiger 1200 XCX 12002018 2019 2020

Brake Light Pro (B)

Modulator Light Stop - do not use on BMW (F21030) - For use on all bikes, ATV and car out of control lights fault (bulb or LED )
Stop Light Modulator
Brake Light pro - brake light modulator
modulator brake light.
When braking the brake light is lit fixed, this device allows to make it "flash" with intensity and user programmable mode.
• 10 programmable mode (adjustable frequency and duration, the "1" mode simulates manual flash or standard mode) + ByPass mode and Demo mode.
• "touch" sensor for programming
• Unique module for all vehicles, motorcycles, ATVs, cars and anything higher vehicle (on the machines is recommended to connect to only one third brake light)
• Works with all types of lights, traditional light bulb to bulb, led (no minimum required absorption, maximum 120 watts)
• for short-circuit protection with current detection (does not blow the fuse) • Design
solid-state, no moving parts
• Robust construction, 100% waterproof (waterproof)
• Very small dimensions (30x20x13 mm / 11.8x7.8x5.1 inches)
• Quick and easy installation, you connect online with the thread of the brake light (current stopping terminals included)
• 2-year warranty.


Data sheet

Motorcycle brand
Motorcycle Model
Tiger 1200 XCX
Motorcycle Year
2018, 2020, 2019
Cilindrata Moto
Fascia Sconto