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ACCOSSATO was founded in 1969 as a manufacturer of motorcycles in Moncalieri (TO) based on the idea of the founder Giovanni Accossato.

In parallel with the production of the same motorcycles, ACCOSSATO started commercial collaborations with the most important motorcycle manufacturers in the sector. Right from the start these years will mark the pillar in the company's history with the decision to make its experience and technology available in the welding of aluminum and steel parts to all the major motorcycle manufacturers.

At the beginning of the nineties the command division was born with the aim of producing steel and aluminum handlebars for the production of first equipment and the after market world.

The first ACCOSSATO handlebar was sold for the production of the Ducati Monster model and then all the handlebars were produced for the most important national and international manufacturers.

At the beginning of the 2000s ACCOSSATO takes over a company in Piedmont for the production of aluminum radiators with the Nockoloc process. This acquisition has allowed ACCOSSATO to expand also into a new production plant and to implement its customer portfolio.

In 2003, thanks to the successes achieved and thanks to a positive market push, ACCOSSATO decided to purchase an aluminum forging plant that will allow it to increase the level of service to its customers in the supply sector.a of aluminum frames and swingarms.

From 2003 to 2007, the ACCOSSATO Group plans a new and revolutionary introduction to the market, the mid-year debut of its own product catalog including handlebars, articulated levers and throttle controls.

In 2015 Accossato brings the Distribution AG to the market with the intention of combining racing products of its own production with high-quality commercial spare parts, such as lead batteries, lithium and air oil and petrol filters.

Today the ACCOSSATO Group consists of five production divisions within two industrial warehouses of 31,000 square meters of which 17,000 square meters are covered, the ACCOSSATO machine park includes: welding robots, TIG welders, CNC work centers, various tonnage presses , tempering ovens, forging presses etc.

The activity of the ACCOSSATO Group is divided between the codesign for the realization of the products and the production of details in series with the most important national and international manufacturers, especially for the motorcycle sector but also for some years for other industrial sectors such as for example design; and the planning and realization of its own product range with the ACCOSSATO brand that is distributed nationally with a network of representatives and international distributors.

The most representative product is the ACCOSSATO brake pump available in oltre 200 models that with the brake caliper constitute the ACCOSSATO braking system already used in many sports competitions.