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Sprintfilter Air Filter P08 Ducati HYPERMOTARD EVO 1100 2010-2012


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CM61S-734 (ID 734)
Sprintfilter Air Filter P08 Ducati HYPERMOTARD EVO 1100 2010-2012

Sprintfilter Air Filter P08 Ducati HYPERMOTARD EVO 1100 2010-2012 Sprint Filter with this product has upset the concept of special air filter. No more materials that tend to fracture (cotton) or with strong pressure drops (sponge) but an innovative material that allows a constant and calibrated air passage. P08 is the air filter that provides the best performance on every bike. This is achieved thanks to the optimization of the surfaces of any air filter. Sprint Filter operates on every single air filter optimizing the yield on each original filter box by means of a flushing bench. It follows the maximum reachable surface: more air, more power, more filtration. This air filter is most used in the MotoGP, Moto3, Superbike, Supersport and Superstock World Championships. Sprint Filter tests every day new solutions in search of maximum filtration and minimum loss of power. Sprint Filter P08 is an air filter that is also particularly practical with a maintenance time of just a few seconds. Simply remove the air filter from the filter box, clean it with compressed air and reinsert it without waiting for dead times. No washing or oil supply is necessary to retain dust! Our air filter works "dry". If it is particularly dirty you can use any detergent handy, wash it and dry it with compressed air, without heat sources. The constant and long-lasting quantity of the air / fuel mixture allows the electronic control unit to adjust it according to the correct stoichiometric ratio. A greater inflow of air will allow, following the intervention of the electronic control unit, a lower fuel consumption. This means that the P08 Sprint Filter allows the same performance to consume less fuel. NB: The photo is indicative only to demonstrate the quality of the product.

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